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Take a deep breath and Imagine...
Imagine feeling calm
Imagine feeling truly connected to your team
Imagine having the time and energy to create something magical  

Imagine a school where staff and children are calm, connected and inspired to do their best...

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What's the wellbeing vision for your school?

I may be able to help

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My name is Natasha Mann and I am a Teacher, Coach and Trauma Informed Consultant.


I specialise in helping inner city schools and communities create calm, inspired and emotionally safer spaces for pupils and staff.

For more than 20 years I have taught and led creative, nature-based wellness workshops for schools, organisations and urban communities. These trainings have helped hundreds of teachers weave mental health and wellbeing into the school curriculum.


My plant inspired workshops continue to help urban communities feel calmer, connected to nature and inspired to share their magic with the world. 

As a qualified Coach, Senior Leader and Therapeutic Practitioner I weave together a range of modalities to support you in getting the best possible outcomes for your setting.


Workshops Include:

Holistic Stress Management

Create and Calm

The Garden of Dreams

Sound Explorers 


Training and Consulting:

Staff Self-Care

The Trauma Informed Toolkit

Sensory Wellbeing



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Happy Staff

Nadia, Headteacher

"It's so simple and it makes a difference so quickly. I thought I had loads to do but it's really just a few tweaks"


"Amazing... My pulse went down from 90 to 58."

Amanda, Phase Leader

"I was actually thinking of leaving the profession before I worked with Natasha. It has really helped me get my confidence back and fall in love with the job again."

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