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Connect with the Magic of Nature

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Welcome to my online sanctuary.

Take a deep breath and Imagine...

Imagine feeling calmer...
Imagine feeling energised...
Imagine having the time to create something magical...  

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I may be able to help

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My name is Natasha Mann and I am an Nature Based Educator, Wellness Coach and Trauma Informed Consultant.


I specialise in helping super busy, exhausted Londoners hit the pause button, reconnect with nature and make space for the things that truly matter.

For more than 20 years I have taught and led creative, nature-based wellness workshops for schools, organisations and urban communities. These trainings have helped hundreds of leaders and educators weave mental health and wellbeing into the heart of their work and surrounding communities. 

As a qualified Teacher, Coach and Therapeutic Practitioner, I share a wide range of practical tools and modalities that you can use to support you and your team on your wellbeing journey.


Workshops Include:

Holistic Stress Management:

Perfect for staff training, you'll explore alternative

therapies and stress reducing tools to support your current wellness regime.  

Urban Tea Box:

Great for whole staff teams or small groups, this Tea Blending workshop is ideal for calming, energising and practical Stress Management.


Botanical Bliss:

Explore a range of Mini Meditations and activities Inspired by Mother Nature.

You also get to make your own meditation spray to take away with you.


Bloom and Glow:

Create pamper treats to support your Self-Care

routine using flowers, essences and oils . 


Away with the Fairies:

Fantastical nature-based Crafts for children/the whole family

New Website Coming!

My online sanctuary is having a mini makeover and will re-launch in February 2024.

You can still receive monthly self care tips when you sign up to the 'Sparkling Nature' newsletter. If you add your name and email address to the box below. I'll also let you know about any services, events or courses I'm running and you can opt out at any time.  

If you'd like to book a Staff Workshop or find out about Training and Consulting for your setting, then leave a message in the box below.

That's it from me. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 



Wishing you a calm and inspired day ahead,

Natasha x


Happy Staff

Nadia, Headteacher

"It's so simple and it makes a difference so quickly. I thought I had loads to do but it's really just a few tweaks"


"Amazing... My pulse went down from 90 to 58."

Amanda, Phase Leader

"I was actually thinking of leaving the profession before I worked with Natasha. It has really helped me get my confidence back and fall in love with the job again."


If you'd like to find out about my Training and Consultancy Services then write your details below:

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